The Exponential Power of Design


THANKS so much for your amazing response and to the many people who have offered their help, contacts, resources, expertise for our inaugural 10^10 project SEED_Haiti. Thanks so much to our team who has been applying their passion, energy and talent to make this come together. Thanks to our community who has given us so much support getting 10^10 on its feet. Here is a 30 second video FROM US WITH LOVE. We made it for Valentine’s Day. It shows how beautiful the Powers of Ten is and can continue to be. Check out the 30 sec. video

We need continued support to keep this going. You can JOIN us, you can FOLLOW us or stay in CONTACT, you can PARTICIPATE in our events, you can DONATE, you can PURCHASE 10^10 items…

JOIN us, FOLLOW us: 10^10 people are passionate individuals that care about the physical environment and humanity and who want to apply their creativity in their particular expertise to the better good. Let us know if you want to be involved. Email us at Join our Facebook 10^10 page to show us your support us and to be kept up to date on our activities and  join our mailing list!

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PURCHASE: We have a few great things for sale, which will benefit 10^10 as well as the people who are helping us make impact.

10X10, A Table drawing $1000 + shipping and handling

10X10, A Table was created during the opening of the Our Stories, Our Voices exhibit at the ARTERY in the River Arts District in Asheville. Influenced by the Musical Chairs game and referencing the 100 stories that the exhibit emerged from, 10×10 A Table is a collective drawing performed and created by 10 local immigrants to the stop and go rhythm of the music created and performed by another 10 local immigrants during the opening of the exhibit. Visitors of all ages joined the artists in drawing, expanding the collectivity and also participating in the creation of this drawing. Link to time-lapse of the drawing emerging

Own this 3’ x 8’ drawing (oil pastels on wood). Proceeds will benefit 10^10 and will compensate the artists who worked on the drawing Email us at if you are interested in owning this drawing.


10^10/Ship to Shore dresses $100 + shipping and handling

The dresses is the outcome of a collaboration between 10^10 founder Martha Skinner with garment designer Brooke Priddy of Ship to Shore and performed by the Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre at 10^10’s Blow Out event in October. With 10 triangles of increasing sizes, arranged in 10 different ways, 10 unique dresses were created. Each dress is made in short playful sessions in different locations, and as process and performances they approached the space of the event as the outcome of the process was revealed. The 10 dresses, based on one pattern, are an example of what can potentially generate thousands of unique designs and to represent 10^10’s mission of the exponential power of design. Link to one of a series of videos of the process

A couple of these original dresses are still available for purchase. Be one of the first 10 to own one of these dresses. A portion of the sale will benefit 10^10. Another portion will compensate the artists involved, the Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre and Ship to Shore, for time and materials. Contact if you are interested in owning one of these dresses.

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