The Exponential Power of Design


10^10 participates in group traveling exhibit Our Stories, Our Voices with a collective participatory project titled 10X10, A Table. 

12/3 – 12/30/11 – The Asheville Art Council at The Artery

3/1-3/30/12 – UNC Asheville, Highsmith Union Gallery

* The exhibit/performance/drawing is scheduled to happen again at Enka High School Media Center from 6-8 p.m. on April 12 Let us know if you want to participate. If you immigrated from another country and want to draw or make music with us, let us know. Please email Martha Skinner at

The project is a collective drawing performed and created at the opening of Our Stories/Our Voices Exhibit. The exhibit which documents the stories of  “new North Carolinians as a means of beginning to grow new understanding of the common humanity of all residents in WNC.” was curated by Victor Palomino an is supported by The Coalition of Latin American Organizations (COLA), Latino Advocacy Coalition (LAC), Center for Participatory Change (CPC), Workers Center of WNC, and Nuestro Centro. As well as The Center for Diversity Education, NC Arts Council, and The Asheville Area Arts Council.

10^10’s contribution: 10X10, A Table is influenced by the Musical Chairs game and referencing the “100 stories” that the exhibit emerges from. 10×10 A Table, to be pronounced in English and in French with slightly different meanings…, is a collective drawing performed and created by 10 local immigrants to the stop and go rhythm of the music created and performed by another 10 local immigrants during the opening of Our Stories/ Our Voices exhibit. Visitors of all ages joined the artists in drawing, expanding the collectivity and also participating in the creation of this drawing.

Through drawing and music, the most basic cross-cultural mediums of communication, the immigrant artists share collective memory of transformation to reveal a permanent layered image of their emerging faces. Faces on top of faces, gestures on top of gestures gesticulate and represent the many faces of immigration and the transformation that takes place when one merges the stories of two cultures, and when many emigrants/immigrants merge their memory of that transition with those of others.

Thanks to all who participated! Chile, Bulgaria, Poland, Peru, Colombia, Philippines and other cultures were represented. Thanks to: Pheonyx Roldan Smith, Loida Ginocchio-Silva, Luis E. Laverde Tobón, Maria Rusafova, Jakub Markulis, Brista Hristova, James Cassara, Boryan Markulis, Oscar Feinberg, Raina, Aia Rios, Roby-Moser, Elisa Faires, Charles Faires, Ekua Adisa, Adriana, Tara Meadows, Jonathan Santos, Kitty Love…

Thanks to Doug Hecker for photographing the event. And thanks to Victor Palomino and his team for inviting us to be a part of this. The Our Stories, Our Voices exhibit begins at the ARTERY  home of the Asheville Arts Council and will be part of a traveling exhibition.

Check out the time-lapse of the emerging drawing 



10^10 Collaborates with Local Asheville Artists for Exponential Performance Raising Awareness to the Power of Design, Event in October at Pink Dog Creative  and French Broad Chocolates  10/8- 10/10/11

10^10, whose mission is to promote simple d­esign ideas that have exponentially positive effects on humanity and the environment, collaborated with Asheville artists and designers to raise awareness about the significance of design and of its potential. Two fundraiser events took place in October surrounding the 10/10/11 date at the Pink Dog Creative in the River Arts district, and at the French Broad Chocolate Lounge in downtown, Asheville.

Poster design Peyton Shumate Printing Henco Reprographics

The events featured experimental performances that articulated the exponential power of design and 10^10’s mission. Through a visual, auditory and kinesthetic performance, guests experienced first-hand the power of design and how it can effect the world. The dynamic and powerful ensemble of local artists and designers included garment designer Brooke Priddy from Ship to Shore, performer and signer Molly Kummerle from Paper Tiger, dancers and choreographers Susan and Giles from The Asheville Contemporary Dance Theatre, new-media artist Gene Felice from the Creative Technology and Art Center (hosted by the Odyssey Community School), acoustical engineer, Scott Shepard from Kuma Sonics, sound artist, Elisa Faires, and the theorist and media-artist David McConville from Elumenati and the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

The performance started outdoors weeks prior to the Blow Out, as 10 unique dresses were constructed in 10 outdoor spaces each time closer to the Blow Out event. To view one of these go to this link. The dresses, which were made out of the same 10 incrementally bigger triangles, culminated on 10 dancers forming complexity from singular to collective in dialogue with a sound piece in 10 voices and a beat of 10. As a backdrop were 10 glowing visuals transforming in decreasing and increasing scale. The performance expanded via body-borne projections into the exponential pink to red hue of the space and guests.

10^10 projects, simple yet powerful visions for humanity and the environment, were on display. Among the projects on display were a sonic wall that absorbs airborne pollution while lining highways with beguiling lights, a collective film that reveals what healthy interaction between individuals and their cities might look like, a dispersed memorial for the victims of 9/11 prompting a collective conversation and exchange, and an interface which makes design accessible to all by allowing people who wouldn’t normally be able to afford a custom-designed home to participate in the design of their own.

Guests got into the spirit of 10^10 by wearing reds and pinks and profiling 10ness in varying creative ways while enjoying treats provided by  The French Broad, Lessons from an Appalachian Table, The French Broad Chocolate Lounge, Boca, and 5 Walnut Wine Bar.

Thanks so much to all who participated. The performances were thoughtful and beautiful. Together they culminated in an exponential glowing piece, inspiring others to pursue and support simple design ideas for improving the world. For photos, click here!   Thanks  Ben MasonCamilla Calnan, Pattiy Torno, and Scott Duncan for capturing the evenings. Thanks also to Rose Cowles, Byron Scott, Kimati Moore, Timothy Sadler, Vanessa Bell, Brett McCall, Andrea Preilipper, and a special thanks to Bonnie Currie!

The first night ended with senko hanabi, 100 handmade sparklers, provided by Mark Rosenstein, glittering into exponential delicate fire.

The performances culminated on 10/10 at 10 Lexington, home of the French Broad Chocolate Lounge with a powerful performance at 10:10 in 10 voices by Elisa Faires and a presentation by 10^10 founder Martha Skinner.

Each participant left with a simple and beautiful gift donated by Urban Farm Girl , 1 flower and 10 seeds.



d i s p e r s e d    m e m o r i a l    9/11 – 9/28/11

‘memory cards’ which are being exchanged nationally prompt and assemble a conversation about the memory of lost lives and changed skyline during the events of September 11, 2001. A virtual memorial has been created which transforms daily and through the contribution of many participants across the United States. To join the collective effort or view the evolving memorial, visit

On September 11, 2010, the 10th year anniversary of the falling towers, an exhibit of this emerging collective memorial, in a physical space at the 5 Walnut Gallery in downtown Asheville, was unveiled also as an interactive exhibit in which visitors from the local community contributed. People were invited to stop by reflect and add to the memorial. Candles were lit everyday.

The concept for a later phase of the project was also on display. Thousands of glass plates, inscribed with a written dedication to each victim and an outline of the missing skyline, will populate New York City from anywhere in the city that the towers would have been visible. The project will be assembled online through the thousands of contributions from victims’ loved ones and residents or visitors of New York City.

Thanks so much to all who have contributed to this memorial to date.

Team: Dan Hutcherson, Lauren Mitchell, Martha Skinner

Ambassadors: Wanda dye – Dallas, Texas / Dustin White – Texas / Catalina Gomez- Washington / Thea Lobo –  Boston, Tucson, New York/ Lance Lobo – Miami / Sarah Farwell – New York / Theresa Roach – Kansas / German Osorio – Tucson / Jonathan Jimenez – Kissimmee / Erik Stange – Amsterdam /Tien Eek Ng – Melburne, Australia / Wanda Dye – Dallas / Jule Tsai – San Francisco / Alan Yarborough – Clemson / Erin Cotter – Candler, NC / Kathy Stumpf – Asheville / Amy Mosquera – all over / Mary Koppenheffer /  Michael Silverman / Charles deVries / Gretchen Bailey – Tacoma, Washington / Halimeda Knight, Portland – Oregon / Virginia Black – Ann Arbor, Michigan / Sean McDonald – Venice, California / Fred Bryant – Bay View, Ohio / Shai Yesh – Carbondale, Illinois

“memory cards’ participants: Thea Lobo / unnamed woman travelling to NYC / Kaye Richardson / Pat Bjorhovde / Andres Felipe Avila / Jason Sandford / Parrish Benight / Christopher Whyrick / Corey Call / Robert Atkins / Lauren Mitchell / Mark Rosenstein / Martha Skinner / Macky Bah / Graham Hackett / Brooke Priddy / Ryan Conrad / Lance Lobo / Gabriel Shaffer / Juan Camilo Reyes / Santos GlocalSoul / Tyler Housholder / Magick Sean / Tara Meadows / Jess McCuan / Sarah Nie / Erica Bell / Jennifer Pickering / Sarah Southerland / Amy L. Neill / Timothy Jedele / Moto Lapin / G. Craig Hobbs / Jennifer MacDonald / Vanessa Bell / Leslie Klingner / Randy Shull / Cleaster Cotton / Molly Kummerle / Tammy Horn / Lynne Harty / Doug Hecker / Craig McAnsh / Nicole McConville / Sophia Hecker-Skinner  Jennifer Emerzian Snapp / Brian Miele / Marc Leverant / Kenny Snapp / Christina Breuer / Edward Perry / Mathieu Maisonneuve / Amélie Malissard / Derek Zachary Brown / Catalina Gomez / Anne Whitmire / Kathleen McMillian / Susan Hutcherson / Tim Hutcherson / Shannon Pruitt / Samuel Pruitt / Adam Hutcherson / Stephen Risse / Sharon Leppard / Michael Tilton / Anonymous stranger in the airplane / waitress / Matt McKillip / Anne Arntson / Lois Randal / Carmen Navarro

Exhibit Assistance: Vanessa Bell / SisterJ SpiritVoice / Jennifer MacDonald / Lynne Harty

Photography and Printing: Tracey Schmidt Photography, Ben Mason, Parris Benight and Henco Reprographics

Thanks also to 5 Walnut Wine Bar for hosting the exhibit



HATCHlings, What is Asheville?  4/11 – 4/16/11

HATCHlings, What is Asheville? will be our yearly event which enpowers children in our community to come up with simple design ideas that have a positive exponential effect in our environment.

Our first event was a week of play and experimentation in the streets of Asheville by a cross-section of children of the Asheville community during HATCH. Using Cell phones, GPS, text messaging and mission-driven exploration, middle schoolers from various neighborhoods of Asheville engaged their city as a Living Game collecting obstacles and opportunities. Their findings were be compiled daily into a Living Gameboard, an interactive collective journal where they dynamically organized and reorganized their collected information through the compositions of words, sound, gestures and imagery as a way to understand their city holistically.

A series of local artists were invited to help the children transform their findings into collective daily compositions in a series of workshops/events which culminated on Earth Day with visions from our youth for their city.

HATCHlings was hatched in conjunction with HATCH by 10^10 in collaboration with Que Es Arquitectura? and led by Martha Skinner. Invited guests included: Stage Director and Playright, Jorge Raedó from Barcelona, Poet Graham Hatckett, Poetics Program, Poetix Vanguard and Asheville Area Arts Council Program Director and actress Laura Jensen, NYC theater company Bone Orchard.

Thanks to the Asheville Design Center for lending us the space for our gameboard and discussions, UNC Asheville NEMAC and David McConville from Eluminati for sharing with us and downtown Asheville for letting us play, observe and listen.

Thanks to our HATCHlings: Matthew Amos, Gamo Khan, Hariette Reade-Brown, Liza Pierce, Eva Lambert, Marcel Krekelberg, Cyrus Orion McCall, and Ian Nolan-Kilby for playing.

Thanks to our volunteers: Sisterj Spirit Voice from The Honeybee Project and Carrie Rains from IRL for also playing with us.

Thanks to the people who documented the event with photography, video and sound: Micah Mackenzie Photography, HATCHling Gamo, Brian Miele fellow 10^10, Kimathi Moore, and Tommy Gun Productions.

Thanks to other assistance: Catalina Gomez, Ashley Cooper, Scott Shepard, Scott Varn, Kima Moore.

Thanks to the guests that joined us during the Earth Day brainstorming: Will Travis from Dentsu North America, Tawny Schlieski from Intel, Brett McCall from TEDx asheville, Douglas Hecker from Clemson University, Chuck Krekelberg from Samsel Architects, John Montoya architect from Bozeman and HATCHlings parents who wore city poems on their chests.

Thanks to the Hop Ice Cream for celebrating with us and fundraising for HATCH.


Launch of 10^10    1/12/11

On January 12, 2011, with a performance by Asheville based soul/rock/blues band Ol’ Hoopty, fashion show and auction by Royal Peasantry 10^10 was officially launched after a year of conception.

January 12 was meaningful as it marked the 1st anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake which left more than 1,000,000 Haitians homeless and us wondering how to apply our expertise to such a situation. SEED_Haiti, our inaugural 10^10 project and where the Exponential Power of Design originated for us, envisions providing safe and culturally sensitive housing for thousands of Haitians by repurposing shipping containers into homes with a design that is both affordable and simple to implement.

Around 100 people joined us for reflection and to celebrate a new beginning on this snowy day!
Thanks so much to BOCA for providing food! 5 Walnut for the wine! Craggie Brewing for the beer!

Royal Peasantry, whose mission is “dedicated to recycling and the reduction of manufacturing on our planet” did the fashion and auction to benefit SEED_Haiti, also about repurposing and reducing waste in our planet!! Eclipse Salon who did the hair for the fashion show.

Thanks to Urban Farm Girl who provided wild flower seeds for our seed gift packets.

The event was documented by Micah Mackenzie Photography! For more photos of the event visit the event’s page