The Exponential Power of Design


April 2012

> Creative Connectivity by Carol Motsinger in the Asheville Citizen Times.  April 8  Link to article

> 10X10, A Table, performance and exhibit at Enka High School. Join us again for a collective activity of music and drawing at Enka’s High School Media Center from 6-8 on April 12. It is going to be an evening of diversity and belonging through drama, music, drawing and dance as part of the Our Stories, Our Voices traveling exhibition. Join us!

> On exhibit at {re}happening in the former grounds of the Black Mountain College in Lake Eden, Black Mountain. Motion Mapping. April 7 4-midnight Link to event

March 2012

> On exhibit at {pre}Happening at the Artery, home of the Asheville Arts Council. Motion Mapping. March 30 6-9 p.m.

> On exhibit at the Asheville Art Museum 10^10 projects by Martha Skinner, Motion Mapping, BiCi_N and NY A/V, as part of the celebratory opening of Asheville Art Museum New Media Gallery. Opening events:  March 21 at 7:30, March 23 dance party at 7:30, March 25 family day 1-4. Exhibit until September 9. Link to the Asheville Art Museum’s New Media Gallery schedule

February 2012

> ARTIST CALL/ IMMIGRATION PROJECT 10 x 10, A Table. If you came to the U.S. from another country and like to draw or make music JOIN US on March 1st for a music and drawing jam! Let us know if you want to PARTICIPATE. Thanks Ursula Gullow for the Mountain Xpress call for artist. Link here for information.

> LOVE from us! Click on this link. Also, here is a video from us. It represents the Exponential Power of Design, in this case for Haiti but applies to all the humanitarian and environmental design work to be done.

> 10×10, A Table on exhibit at UNC Asheville, Highsmith Union Gallery. Join us at the opening on March 1st from 7-9 p.m. The exhibit will run until March 31 (closed on March 3,4, and 10, 11). Call for participants! If you want to be part of this cross-cultural collective music/drawing, let us know. Here is more information on the project!

> NY A/V in Bold Life. The article Changing Channels by Jonathan Rich speaks of the new addition of the Asheville Art Museum in which NY A/V will be exhibited. Thanks so much to the Asheville Art Museum jury for including this work in this exciting development! Here is the article

> NY A/V in Ready for Prime Time Exhibit at CityMac. The project was presented amongst other works to celebrate what artists in the WNC area are doing with New Media. Ready for Prime Time invite 

> BiCi_N and NY A/V selected for exhibit at the Asheville Art Museum. The projects which map two city’s activities from the point of view of it’s users are selected by the Ready for Prime Time Media jury for the upcoming exhibit that will inaugurate the museum’s New Media Gallery.

January 2012

>10^10 is one year old! On 1/12/12, we reached one year since our launched. We reflected on our first year and compiled 10 things that we want to share with you. 

>10^10 wishes everyone a happy New Year!

December 2011

>10^10 thanks all who have contributed and supported us this year! We started on January 12, 2011 and have been so warmly supported by the local community and also from afar. Check out the various events that with your support we put together this year! Collective participation has been hard at play. Check out our work in various levels of development! It has been beautiful! We wish you all Happy Holidays and a beautiful new year! Let’s continue to have positive effects on our world.

> 10X10, A Table project mentioned in ART BETS, Mountain Xpress by Ursula Gullow Link 

> Dec. 10th at 10:00 a.m and your opportunity to get one of 10 – 10^10 dress at Ship to Shore Annual Studio Sale 428 A Haywood Rd, West Asheville. Be the owner of one of these first 10 concept dresses, a collaboration between 10^10 and Ship to Shore. Perfect for the holidays and will support 10^10 [simple design ideas for humanity] as well as Ship to Shore and the Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater! Check out one of our series of video vignettes of the process!

> 10X10, A Table project mentioned in Verve Magazine

> 10X10, A Table emerges at the opening reception of Our Stories, Our Voices Exhibit by Victor Palomino. The piece is on exhibit at the ARTERY at the River Arts District of Asheville. It is for sale to benefit the Asheville Arts Council, 10^10 and the participants. Link to time-lapse of 10X10 as it emerges!

> Upcoming project in the Citizens-Times 10X10, A Table: 10^10 project which involving the participation of 10X10 immigrants is mentioned in an article by Carol Motsinger Link to article

November 2011 

> Call for Artists / Immigrants for a performance / art piece on immigration. For the call and more information link here!

> 10^10’s SEED_Haiti exhibited at RE Show in Dallas, Texas on Nov. 19 at the RE studio. RE  Gallery + Studio investigates repurposing, reclaiming, recycling, and retrofitting in art and design.

> 10^10 event featured in Verve Magazine, Exponential Potential by Beth Ellen and Matt Rose.

>10^10 Blow Out and 10^10 on 10/10 at 10:10 a performance in 10 Voices! Thanks so much to all who made these two events happen. For photos, click here!         For more information, click here! 

September 2011

> 10^10 on 10/10 at 10:10 a performance in 10 Voices begins ticket sales Join 10^10 on 10/10 for a performance at 10:10 in 10 voices by Elisa Faires at 10 S. Lexington, home of the French Broad Chocolate Lounge. The French Broad Chocolate Lounge will serve each guest a chocolate truffle and a glass of wine. Doors open from 9-11 p.m. Performance starts at 10:10 sharp. Link to tickets and other details

> 10^10 Blow Out begins ticket sales Join us on October 8th at the Pink Dog Creative in the River Art District of Asheville for a performance with  Ship to Shore, Paper Tiger, The Asheville Contemporary Art Theatre, David McConville, Elisa Faires, Kuma Sonics and Gene Felice. Link to tickets and other details

> 10^10 announces October event at Pink Dog Creative in Asheville Join us on October 8 at 7:30 in the River Art District, 342 Depot Street! 10^10 Collaborates with Local Artists for Exponential Performance Raising Awareness to the Power of Design. Guests are invited to express their own visions of exponential design at the event. Link to the event press release  

> dispersed memorial on Art & Design Link

> dispersed memorial on Archinect Link

> dispersed memorial on Arch Daily by Ethel Baraona Pohl Link to feature

> dispersed memorial to be exhibited locally and globally in an emerging collective constellation of images and exchange. On 9/11, join us in Asheville at 5 Walnut or virtually at

August 2011

> Asheville resident marks Sept. 11th anniversary with ‘impromptu memorial’  The Asheville Citizen Times Article on dispersed memorial by Jason Standford Link to the article

> dispersed memorial launches new website with collective memorial emerging Link to the dispersed site

> 10^10 working on upcoming 10/10 event and forming exciting collaborations which will articulate the Power of Design in October.

July 2011

> CiTy – SCAN is selected for feature in The Next Idea Ars Electronica Blog ” The Next Idea Blog “is a place for new ideas and concepts which have the potential to shape our future for the better…  striving to conceptualize something in a totally fresh way, advancing it to the next level and significantly enhancing it thereby.” Martha Skinner “showed that a participatory approach can generate a much more accurate impression of a city. Link to the blog post of CiTy – SCAN

> 10^10 is busy dispersing tiny apertures of light for 9/11. The dispersed memorial team is sharing paper cards as a way to introduce the project and also to prompt conversations of remembrance with the approaching 10 year anniversary of the events of 9/11.

> Revamp of 10^10 website. Check it out. Our first visual attempt to articulate its mission publicly. Thanks also for all the new members of our team.

> 10^10 completes a big grant application in collaboration with a spectacular national and international team. More on this later.

June 2011

> David McConville, president of the Buckminster Fuller Institute, co-founder of Elumenati and director of the Worldviews Network joins our 10^10 team. David who is also inspired by the Powers of Ten in his own work will join our team us as an advisor. As creative director of the Worldviews Network, a collaboration of scientists, artists, and educators re-imagining the big picture of humanity’s home in the cosmos, he is using immersive environments and interactive scientific visualizations, to facilitate community dialogues across the US about how our collective actions are shaping humanity’s future.

> Lauren Mitchell from Clemson University’s School of Architecture and Rhetorics, Communication, Information Design (RCID) program joins our team. Lauren who has been involved in the discussion of 10^10 since its inception, now joins us officially as an advisor.  Her current doctoral research examines design as a form of communication, but specifically communication intended to induce action. She observes a potentially fruitful overlap between architecture and rhetoric that is currently untapped, and wants to reveal these undervalued modes of communicating and persuading, derived from architecture’s unique attunement to physicality and materiality.

> International Pollinators Week Martha Skinner discussed the relationship between Pollination and the Exponential Power of Design with five women: Tammy Horn, Debra Roberts, Ashley English, and organizer Sister J SpiritVoice at the Altamont Theater Company in Asheville.

> What is Asheville? The City as a Living Gameboard Thanks so much to local Asheville artists Laura Jensen (actress) and Graham Hackett (poet), to the Asheville Design Center, to our HATCHlings and to our volunteers. Check out the video just completed by Brian Miele and Tommy Gun Productions capturing the spirit of this explorative week with the youth of Asheville. To see the video click here

> Welcome artist/lawyer Carolina MacWright to our team! Carolina combines both of her passions of the law and art to make tangible the often mystical human freedom.  Carolina joins 10^10 Board of Directors.

> Dispersed Memorial designs the perfect project card. A new/complementary vision for the project emerges. Martha Skinner travels to New York City to get started.

May 2011

> 20,000 acre design for Haiti continues with virtual meetings, design and grant proposals. Doug Hecker travels to Pennsylvania to meet the larger team.
> Thesis competition jury at Southern Polytechnic State University. Martha Skinner participates in the jury of 20 projects with Anne Fougeron, Simone Giostra and Patrick Tighe.
> Container Housing: Asheville group applies the power of tens to Haiti’s housing needs by Lorin Mallorine, Mountain Xpress. Link to article

> 10^10 partners with Que es A? Que es A (Barcelona, Helsinki, Asheville, and Jerez de la Frontera) aims to improve Arts education for children. Visit Que es A?’s website

April 2011

> Happy Earth Day / April 22  / 100 days since 10^10 was launched into an organization. And we have 10 things to share.

> SEED_Haiti in Carolina Home and Garden in article titled “Innovative Architects offer Homes of Hope” by Melanie McGee Bianchi. Link to the article click here.

> HATCHING Haiti. Martha Skinner founder of 10^10 participated in a panel during HATCH in Asheville with three other passionate women working in Haiti: Janell Kapoor of Kleiworks, Leah Quintal of American Green. Thanks so much to Lorin Mallorie journalist for moderating!

> Martha Skinner and Douglas Hecker in the Asheville Citizen Times. Martha Skinner and Doug Hecker are cited in article by Jason Sandford and Carol Motsinger titled “Asheville’ HATCH aims at ‘creative class’ jobs” as having an impact on the creative economy of the city. to read the article CLICK HERE

HATCHlings and What is Asheville? is launched. The workshop which took place as part of HATCH, was a week of play and experimentation in the streets of Asheville using Cell phones, GPS, text messaging and mission-driven exploration through the collection of images, sounds, expressions and thoughts. Middle schoolers form various neighborhoods of Asheville turned their city into a Living Gameboard. Their findings were compiled into an interactive collective journal that was dynamically organized and reorganized  with compositions of words, sound, imagery, and play of the city. This lead to VISIONS for the city and a celebration on Earth Day! Thanks so much to Jorge Raedó from ¿QUÉ ES ARQUITECTURA? and local artists Laura Jensen (actress) and Graham Hackett (poet) for joining us. To learn more about HATCHlings and What is Asheville? visit

> Douglas Hecker in the Laurel of Asheville. Douglas Hecker who coordinated and launched the idea “Design for Action” in the yearly event in April in Asheville is mentioned in “HATCH Festival Where Ideas Come to be Born”. Martha Skinner who is serving on the HATCH board was also featured in a photo of the team  To see the mention click here.

> Martha Skinner in Verve Magazine April issue in article titled “Conceptual Models” by Mick Kelly featuring the women of HATCH and their high concept ideas for the city of Asheville’s event.

March 2011


>The SEED_Haiti team will have a kick off meeting on March 29th in Washington D.C. The meeting is a working session with SG Blocks, Coen + Partners Landscape, Volunteers for America, and others for the 250-acre project site in the St. Michele region of Haiti using SEED prototype and agricultural and manufacturing techniques. This is the first phase towards the development of a 21,000-acre site. For the complete the press release click here.

>SEED as possible inspiration for solutions for Japan by ArchDaily. We are also excited to share that the SEED_Japan team is already forming. Stay tuned! Link to ArchDaily’s post here!

> 10^10 welcomes Brian Miele into our team! While engaged in the SEED project with professors Martha Skinner and Douglas Hecker, Brian became convinced of his future role in documentary filmmaking and has since followed the progress and engaged us in questions and discussions while capturing it all on film. Now he joins us officially as a 10^10 Fellow. By bringing his architectural perspective to filmmaking, Brian is interested in the juxtaposition of stylistic techniques with sensitive humanitarian topics. He has worked for Galatia Films on marketing Reclaiming the Blade. His first documentary short, Studio Culture, funded by the American Institute of Architects [AIAS], focused on the culture of an architecture studio. Currently, he is developing first full-length documentary, Life in a Box, recently submitted to the Sundance Documentary Fund, which follows three stories revolving around the tragedy in Haiti and relevance of architecture. Thanks so much Brian for your dedication and passion and for being one of those people who contributes to  making design accessible to all who need it.

> 10^10 has partnered with Global City 2.0, a worldwide network of blogs and websites of neighbourhoods, cities or urban projects and ideas, promoted by engaged citizens or groups, thinking collectively about the future of the places where they live and work.

February 2011

> 10^10 wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! Our greeting is just 30 seconds long and blooming!!! If you can, share the love with 10 people! and help it bloom BIG!  check it out here! and share it! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

>10^10 / an interpretation of The Powers of Ten 1968 film by Charles and Ray Eames competes in the Core 77 Challenge “Powers of 10”. Thanks Brian Miele for his video 10^10 which introduces the 10^10 concept and the inaugural SEED_Haiti project through the lens of the the renowned and inspirational film of the Eames’s. Thanks also to Dylan Thomas (sound), Wonderworld TV (some footage collection). To see the video click here!

>Congratulation Sarah Moore who joins 10^10 as our first fellow. Sarah will be our Writing Intern Fellow! We are looking forward to Sarah’s great contribution to our team with her love for writing and the built environment. Sarah received her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Clemson University and is pursuing a Masters of Architecture student at Washington University in Saint Louis and is Danforth Scholar there this year. In 2005 she received regional awards for her poetry and was an American Voice Nominee for her short fiction. In 2010 she was invited to contribute her undergraduate architecture portfolio, titled “Architecture Narrates,” to Harold Linton’s upcoming 4th Edition Portfolio Design. In 2008 she spent a  month in New Orleans volunteering for fieldoffice for the Dry-In House’s construction, an experience which sparked her explorations of the portrayal of civic spaces in cultural narratives, and she hopes to eventually research the specific use of cultural variations of spatial language in literature.

>10^10’s founder, Martha Skinner is in this month’s issue of Verve Magazine, Western North Carolina’s Smartest Magazine for Women. Thanks Jess McCuan, editor of Verve, for including a short about 10^10’s launch and our inaugural project in their February issue. For those of you following the SEED_Haiti project, there are some exciting news here. Thanks to everyone who made our January event happen and for the support  on this endeavor. To see the piece click here!

January 2011

> Thanks immensely for braving the storm and joining us this month, on 1/12/11  for the launch of 10^10 as a non-profit and to benefit SEED_Haiti. We sincerely appreciate your support. It was great to have you here to launch a project of hope on such an important date of remembrance! The evening started with an intense moment of silence in candle-light, and then began the launch of 10^10 with performances by Ol’ Hoopty and Royal Peasantry, and videos of the inaugural project, SEED_Haiti. Thanks so much to all of our sponsors. Visit us here to see photos of the event and to find out who made it happen

> The earthquake in Haiti occurred today 1/12/11 one year ago at 4:53 local Haiti time! Join us in silence at that time. And if you can, join us also at 6:30 for the 10^10 event.  10^10 event and Benefit SEED_Haiti.

December 2010

> 10^10 announces benefit event in January in Asheville! Join 10^10 for a benefit concert and fashion show at 29 Carolina Lane in downtown Asheville from 6:30 – 9:30 on January 12! With a performance by Asheville based soul/rock/blues band Ol’ Hoopty, Fashion Show by Royal Peasantry, food and drinks we will launch 10^10 as a non-profit organization simultaneously work to benefit SEED_Haiti! Thanks also to Urban Farm Girl, Boca, 5 Walnut, Craggie Brewing, Micah Mackenzie, and Eclipse for their support for the event. Sign up to attend the event!

November 2010

> 10^10 to design a community in Haiti. SEED_Haiti is organizing their team in partnership with SG Blocks for the design of a community of 240 acres in Haiti.

October 2010

> the work of 10^10 in Buildipedia Morey Bean’s article The SEED Project at Clemson University: safe Housing for Haitians in Buildipedia – about the work of 10^10, captures the spirit and some of our challenges on the SEED_Haiti project!! it is also a good update on our developments on this effort! CHECK out the article!

July 2010

> SEED_Haiti partners with SG Blocks!

May 2010

> 10^10 juries Greenwik 2010 Haiti Design Challenge Award Doug Hecker juried the Oklahoma State University College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology Haiti Design Challenge competition for relief housing for families displaced by natural disasters using surplus of shipping containers at ports! CHECK out the Haiti Design Challenge winners!

> Martha Skinner and Douglas Hecker attend the UC Berkeley Alice Agogino Energy and Sustainable Technologies (BEST) Design Lab review Students in Alice Agogino’s class whom we mentored this semester on Homes4Haiti, a project inspired by the work of SEED present their work and developments.

April 2010

> SEED is featured by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Center for Environmental Research. Check out the featured story!

> SEED is one of the Winners of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, People, Prosperity and the Planet Awards The award ceremony was hosted by the National Academy of Sciences. SEE the award winners!

> SEED_Haiti at UC Berkeley Haiti Summit Martha Skinner and Dustin White attended the summit, presented the SEED_Haiti proposal and participated in the Engineering and Infrastructure Breakout Session. Session moderated Mary Dihn. The summit was organized by Berkeley students and attended by students, faculty, NGO’s and Haitians. Other breakout sessions: Keynote presentations by Dr. Claudine Michel, UCSB Director for Black Studies, Dr. Mary Comerio, Professor of Architecture and World-renowed Expert in Rebuilding post natural disasters, Dr. Laura Stachel, Founder of We CARE Solar & UCB DrPH Student, Thomas Tighe, President and CEO of Direct Relief Int’l, Dr. Ken Goldberg, UCB Professor of Industrial Engineer & Director of Berkeley Center for New Media, Dr. Richard Deckelbaum, President of Global Health Education Consortium & Columbia CP&S Professor of Nutrition, Pediatrics, Epidemiology, Leslie Voltaire, Ambassador of Haiti, Lead of UN Delegation, and Head of Haiti Reconstruction Commission.

> SEED Project on exhibit at the Sixth annual National Sustainable Design Expo on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. SEED project on exhibit as part of Earth Day and to compete for EPA’s People, Prosperity and the Planet Award. LINK to the program!

> Agricultural Innovations joins our team!

> the work of 10^10 and SEED_Haiti in Agricultural Innovations Interview Podcast of Doug Hecker and Martha Skinner by Franklyn B. Aragona. LINK to podcast!

>final review of SEED_Haiti studio under the direction of Martha Skinner with guest Ray Huff, architect from Charleston, Lorin Mallori, journalist working in Haiti, Armando Montilla, educator Clemson.

>fieldoffice presents the work of SEED_Haiti among other project projects at Posana in Asheville A group exhibit featuring the work of architect participants at HATCH Asheville Exhibit sponsored by AIA Asheville and HATCH 2010. LINK to HATCH!

>SEED_Haiti in PLANET Magazine Moses, Nalina. “Housing for Haiti”. PLANET°. April 12, 2010 LINK to article!

March 2010‎

>Public Policy Advisor Amy Budner represents Clemson University with the SEED_Haiti project at the United Nations International Donor’s Conference Towards a New Future for Haiti at the UN in New York. LINK to UN conference webpage!

>EcoBotanics joins our team. Thomas Hecker from EcoBotanics who is working on edible gardens joins our team and meets our SEED_Haiti studio virtually for a discussion with the group about the possibilities.

>Ove Arup Engineers joins our team. Structural Engineer Ewan Smith from Ove Arup Engineers joins our team!

>98th Annual ACSA  Meeting – Re.Building  SEED_Haiti is presented as one of the initiatives put forward for Haiti by School’s of Architecture.

>Haiti rewired Martha Skinner joins Haiti Rewired, where people are coming together with their expertise, passion and ideas towards helping Haiti. Martha Skinner is a featured member. Martha Skinner’s Haiti Rewired page!

>UC Berkeley students prepared assessment of needs survey of Haitians students from UC Berkeley Energy and Sustainable Technologies (BEST) Design Lab under the direction of Professor Alice Agogino and Tobias C. Schultz who we are mentoring this semester, have prepared the following survey in order to access user needs in Haiti. PLEASE share the UC Berkeley students survey for Haiti!

>10^10 and SEED as part Biomimicry: Principles of Nature Influencing Design at Sustainability Practice Network Panel Martha Skinner, fieldoffice and Clemson University, presented the work of 10^10, SEED as well as superABSORBER and Living Maps NY A/V and BiCi_N as part of a panel discussion at New York University. Other panelists; David Benjamin, Director of the Living Architecture Lab at GSAPP and Principal at The Living, Natalie Jeremijenko, Professor, UCSD Global Distinguished Visiting Professor, The College of Arts and Science, New York University, and Mark Dorfman, Green Chemistry Naturalist, Biomimicry Guild. March 23, 2010. Biomimicry PANEL and about the panel!

>10^10 at New Paradigms in Communicating Design Culture at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Martha Skinner to present 10^10 and Proxy Florence at panel moderated by Armando Montilla. Other panelists: Damir Sinovcic, Editor, South Florida Design Book Magazine and Principal of Liquid Design in Miami, Elite Kedan, Architect, Faculty at FIU School of Architecture, Editor of the recent Book: “Provisional: Emerging Modes of Architecture Practice in USA), Eric Goldemberg, Faculty at FIU School of Architecture, Principal of MONAD Studio in Miami, and Editor of the forthcoming book “Pulsation in Architecture”, a Catalogue of the accompanying same name upcoming Exhibit, Michael Alfonso, Graphic and Web Designer, editor of the Site “The Graphic Gospel”, William Virgil, former Grafitti Artist, who has now gone into graphics and into underground pop sub-cultures. Partner of ABSOLELUTE, a company producing custom laser printing on Sneakers, Alesh Houdek, Internet Blogger of the Site “Critical Miami” and “Buildings and Food” The panel at MOCA!

>Team 10^10 presents SEED_Haiti at Pecha Kucha Greenville SEE video of presentation!

>10^10 is launched In a matter of minutes more than 1 million people became homeless in Haiti. 10^10 is sustaining awareness, sharing initiatives and working on a solution to this crisis using the Powers of 10! LINK to 10^10! 10^10 has built and is continuing to develop a consortium of engineers, environmentalists, builders, sociologists and is building a large community of support which propagates like the analogue in order to deal with the hugeness of the situation in Haiti. 10^10 is also exploiting the possibilities of the technologies at our disposal for design and collaboration! The question is how do we house people quickly and effectively yet in an urbanism that is culturally sensitive! Stay UP-TO-DATE on our developments! Join our 10^10 Facebook page!

February 2010

>UC Berkeley students and Clemson University SEED_Haiti students share their work for Haiti students from UC Berkeley Energy and Sustainable Technologies (BEST) Design Lab under the direction of Professor Alice Agogino met with Clemson University students working under the direction of Martha Skinner to share their work. Clemson University students are developing the urbanism that emerges out of a disaster with SEED_Haiti. UC Berkeley students are doing interviews and survey to understand user needs.

> Jan Holmevik joins our SEED_Haiti studio for a discussion on the potential of Social Media for Action! Clemson Assistant Professor of English, Co-Chair of the RCID Serious Games Colloquium, who conducts research in game design, game culture, digital literacy, social media, visual communication, humanistic informatics, and electracy joins us for team 10^10 presentation of their social media work exploiting the Powers of 10! Feb 22

>Kontaine Logistics joins the SEED_Haiti team. Martha Skinner and Doug Hecker meet Kontaine Logistics President Michael Stolarczyk in Charleston for brainstorming ideas!

>Article on the work of the SEED_Haiti studio in the Tiger News. Studio builds to help Haiti, Architecture students work on SEED by Katie Spector The Tiger News READ the article!

January 2010

>Haiti’s Residential Quick Fix. SEED on Housing Watch “Once the residents of Port-au-Prince are medically stabilized who is going to help rebuild Haiti?” The time is now to mobilize on this. This article in Housing Watch presents the humanitarian and environmental approach of this project! How do we move fast and big yet culturally sensibly! READ the article!

>A SEED of hope in Haiti. Designed to provide emergency housing or hurricane survivors, SEED shipping containers are now being eyed for use in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.  Beautiful title, beautiful message, beautiful project. Let’s plant a SEED of hope. SEED on Mother Nature Network. READ the article!

>Hope for Haiti Housing. Retrofitting common shipping boxes a possible solution. SEED on METRO NEWS. READ the article!

>SEED_Haiti studio launched RED Tuesdays for a global and local event meant to maintain awareness and support for Haiti. Why Tuesday? The devastating earthquake that left more than 1 million people homeless took place on Tuesday 12, 2010! Why Red?  Red  for pain and suffering! Red for the support of all the relief initiatives! Red for warning that the hurricane season that is fast approaching! Show your support for Haiti by wearing red on Tuesdays.

>Help SEED help Haiti Facebook Cause created