The Exponential Power of Design


10^10 projects:

1. Address a pressing humanitarian, environmental, and social need.

2. Exploit contemporary technologies to execute visionary and innovative ideas to systemic global problems.

3. Are simple, smart and quickly implemented while still being adaptable, flexible, and beautiful.

4. Address the individual scale with as much detail as the global scale with a focus on exponential effect.



BiCi_N is a collective story of Barcelona via the routine of its inhabitants which also allows city users to understand their own individual actions and collective actions in relationship to their own health and the health of the community. The project utilizes visualization technologies in web space that allow invisible and detailed data to become available for interpretation and analysis. The data is accessible to individuals and experts in various fields in order for collective and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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SEED is an environmental and humanitarian solution to the surplus of containers in the Caribbean and the need of housing in these port cities, which are often affected by natural disasters. The project utilizes media technologies that visualize and track where the need of housing is at a particular moment in time in relationship to the accounting of surplus of containers along the timeline and location. It also utilizes contemporary design tools that allow for multiple mass customized urban planning to be envisioned for varying sites quickly as well as mass collaborations between various professionals and the individual communities. The SEED designs takes into consideration how individuals can contribute to the design of their home over time, but also plans for global-scale timetables.

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Dispersed Memorial

DISPERSED MEMORIAL is a memorial for the victims of the 9/11 events as well as for the people of New York City. Thousands of glass plates, inscribed with a written dedication to a victim and an outline of the missing skyline, will populate New York City from anywhere in the city that the towers would have been visible. The project will be assembled online through the thousands of contributions from victims’ loved ones and residents or visitors of New York City. The project addresses individual memories while engaging the scale of the entire city. Using the Internet as well as data visualization technologies for the collection, mapping and organization of stories, memories, poems, locations of memorials, the project reconstructs the missing views while connecting individuals who are dealing with similar issues.

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PROXY_Florence is a dynamic map and a collective story of Florence created through the interplay of virtual space and physical space and the interaction of 500 collaborators from 27 countries. The project used facebook to connect and collaborate. It used Google Panoramio’s interface to collect and organize the individual images of Florence captured, envisioned, or remembered by each of the 500 contributors from across the globe. PROXY_Florence used Variable Data Printing to convert the individual images collected into 500 unique, tangible postcards that were organized spatially by their coordinate data. These images were mapped according to the image’s remembered or imagined location. These numerous images were returned to their origin in Florence, Italy and specifically, as a scale down version of this city, at Stazione Leopolda, the space of the exhibition. The visitors of this event were invited to dismantle the exhibit by removing the postcard of their choice. By taking a postcard, mailing to a friend, the cycle is continued.

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Dry-In House


DRY-IN HOUSE addresses the need for post-Katrina housing in New Orleans that still feels like “home” by providing a mass-customized “dried-in” shell for homeowners in order to keep neighborhoods and communities intact after a natural disaster. The project exploits mass customizable manufacturing processes that allows customized affordable housing to people that normally cannot afford design. The project uses an interactive online interface through which home-owners can interact with the design and participate in the design decision process. The project empowers the individual family with design and customization while reaching global scales of manufacturing and feasibility in places in sudden need of housing.

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superABSORBER is a proposal for a new kind of highway wall barrier system which in addition to mitigating light and noise pollution also absorbs airborne pollution. As an ever-changing material, the superABSORBER is enlivened by the passing of the automobile while mitigating the negative by-products of the roadway. The superABSORBER would appropriate the rapid construction of our world’s highway wall barriers to amplify their functionality and mitigate pollution. The superABSORBER is adaptable as it becomes a living part of the environment. Adjacent users can take advantage of the byproducts of the wall as pollution is transformed into desirable elements. The superABSORBER helps individual homeowners comfort and health while also addressing pollution on a nation-wide scale.

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